What Do You Get As A Referal Partner?

Hotwire Media is fully setup and programmed to work seamlessly with affiliates and partner companies. Our platform gives you access to each campaign you hold with us displaying both executive summaries and fully detailed reports on a weekly or monthly basis backed up with monthly insights and analysis from Google Analytics. If you want eyes on your clients campaigns more often, no problem! We have a comprehensive online platform that again, breaks down the campaigns in great detail. We’d love to show you around.


We work with creative agencies and studios who produce content for the social platforms. Great results on social media showcase successful creative projects.


We work with SEO agencies who lack the in house teams to manage their clients social media needs. Great results on social media make for more natural inbound links.


We work with web and development agencies who produce platforms for their clients to showcase and sell. Great results on social media showcase successful creative projects.


We work with independent business consultants who manage their clients business strategy. We can handle PPC, Paid Social and Analytics & Reporting.

What You Get:

  Opportunities for recurring revenue
  A partnership with a strategy led marketing partner
  Ongoing sales support for new PPC & Social campaigns
  Happier, engaged clients improving retention
  Comprehensive metrics suite & automated reporting
  Monthly insights into campaign and site performance
  Next level support & recommendations

Fees For Introductions

We do pay generous commissions for introductions to new clients. Every business is setup differently and every partner requires, or needs differing levels of support and service. For this reason, we do not have static fee brackets to show you. Please get in touch first and we can discuss your requirements and your clients requirements in detail before coming to agreements.

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