Stop paying for clicks, and start paying for leads. Hotwire Media PAY for your advertising and you pay a set ‘cost per lead’ that works for you. Now that’s progress!

Hotwire Branded Leads

Branded leads are a fairly unique type of hybrid lead purchase. We effectively build a high converting lander on a subdomain of your website and piggyback your brand to send you high quality, branded leads on a cost per lead model.

We agree on an approximate monthly budget and lead cost. You have access to a lead panel where you can see the lead balance. Your card will be auto topped up when the credit is running out and you never run out of inbound leads.

We manage the landing page, we manage the publishers and you get a solid lead cost that you know will be profitable for you. It’s the easiest and most effective form of working from a quality and forecasting perspective.


We Build Branded Landing Pages

We build a high converting lander on your website (normally in a subdomain) and drive our targeted traffic to it.

Generated By Search, Social & Native

We generate all our leads online and deliver them in real time to your inbox, CRM or by spreadsheet. We agree your 'cost per lead' and we pay for all the traffic through our accounts.

You Receive High Quality Branded Leads

Leads are sent to you through our platform, allowing you to keep track of your credit with us and a secondary log of the leads generated.

“I have used many lead companies in the past, thinking they're all the same. However, after meeting and talking things through with John, everything he promised and the standard of the lead, was delivered to the expectation level, which is quite rare in this industry. After taking the leads I have written business from them and will be reordering regularly. Their personal touch goes a long way.”

Terry AndrewsDirector - Westbury Capital

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