Today We¬†… Used A Search Query Script To Cut 30% Of Hidden Budget Wastage.

Unrelated search phrases and bad broad matching is an all too common problem for PPC marketers and advertisers alike. It can make or break a campaign in fact. Typically, within 5 minutes you can run a report and start picking out words that you feel are not relevant.

But what happens when those obvious phrases run out? Do you sit and wait a month for your next chunk of data, or do you get super granular and commit hours to a deep dive.

I would suggest that you do NEITHER… Instead employ a simple search query script from the heros at Brainlabs and save yourself hours of labour. Perhaps spend the saved time writing us a comment or sharing our article ūüôā

What people often forget is that there are words within a search phrase that are so common, they are often hidden in plain sight and get completely overlooked. For instance have you ever considered the performance of words such as:

  • How
  • What
  • When
  • The
  • And
  • In

Researching these types of words and their performance can potentially save you 30% of your budget, and in many cases where research plays a major part, more.

This script is completely FREE and you can get this up and running in under 4 mins.

  1. Download this script –¬† Search-Query-Script.txt
  2. Create and rename a new Google Sheet & copy the URL.
  3. Head to the shared library > scripts.
  4. Add a new script and copy the script into the box.
  5. Enter the custom values including the spreadsheet URL (don’t forget your date ranges).
  6. Hit save & authorise the script to run.
  7. Run without previewing.
  8. Wait for the script to finish and head to the Google Sheet.

Once this script has run and the spreadsheet has populated, you will find multiple tabs that break down the individual words within a phrase and report on their numbers. It also breaks down 2, 3 and 4 word phrases.

Seriously powerful. If you are brave enough to try it, please tell us what you found and how much budget you might have saved. If this however, has blown your mind and you want some help, we offer a managed service. Please contact us today.

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