Using WordPress? Here’s How To Increase Call Volumes By 15% In 1 Minute

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Are You Using A Responsive WordPress Website? 1 in 7 websites online are using the WordPress CMS platform. That number is quite honestly insane. WordPress is great for advertisers as it allows you to throw up websites and landing pages designed specifically for conversions. Those of us using Pay Per Click advertising to drive traffic to our site should be focussing just as hard on the website as they are their campaigns. You can drive as much high quality /…

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Whoa! Here’s A Free Script For Expanded Text Ads

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Whoa! Here’s A Free Script For Expanded Text Ads Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) are available for all advertisers to start creating. For those people who have massive accounts and very little time, Optmyzer have just released a new free AdWords Script. “The script uses your landing pages’ meta tags to make suggestions for the new longer ad components. The title tag gets split into 2 lines of ad headlines and the meta description’s first 80 characters become the basis of the…

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Today We … Used A Search Query Script To Cut 30% Of Hidden Budget Wastage.

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Today We ... Used A Search Query Script To Cut 30% Of Hidden Budget Wastage. Unrelated search phrases and bad broad matching is an all too common problem for PPC marketers and advertisers alike. It can make or break a campaign in fact. Typically, within 5 minutes you can run a report and start picking out words that you feel are not relevant. But what happens when those obvious phrases run out? Do you sit and wait a month for your...
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6 Reasons To Audit Your Digital Agency In 2016!

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6 Reasons To Audit Your Digital Agency In 2016!!   Adwords and other biddable media platforms can be tough to get your head around. 75% of the time, campaigns are burning cash and only making Google richer. Believe me, Google would prefer happy advertisers and lower advertiser drop out rate. Chances are, you run this yourself but a very sizeable chunk of campaigns are run by agencies (like ours, well almost like ours). If you truly care about how you spend...
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