Which marketing channel works best?


What a question… ” Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half ” – John Wanamaker

Every industry is different. They have different target markets, different objectives and different views on what is important to their business. One thing which does not change however is results. Everyone wants results and certain industries simply work best when targeting the correct channels. Despite our view that every brand needs to create a balance across core digital channels (we’ve seen how one channels affects another), we have, in this article attempted to break down the top 6 industries to help some businesses address where they could or should be focussing their attention.




Education despite what you may think, is one of the biggest industries in the world. From, small online courses, to advanced degrees, everyone wants to progress. People have a long term view when it comes to education and most truly value it as an investment, rather than a purchase.

We have been blown away by the results generated on social media, specifically Facebook. One would expect, search to be a successful place to start with education, but with higher click costs and lack of social sharing, we believe the best place to start is on good old Facebook. The combination of advanced targeting means you can reach a huge audience of razor targeted individuals, hungry to learn and invest in their futures.

Recommendation Order

  1. Facebook (possibly LinkedIn)
  2. Google/Bing
  3. Email List
  4. Content Marketing




Digital has always been a mainstay of automotive company strategy, whether you are a huge manufacturer or an independent used dealership. For certain dealerships and brands, the cunning use of age/gender/lifestyle targeting means they can send the right message, to the right audience and stop trying to sell BMWs to teenagers and Ford Ka’s to affluent areas etc.

In terms of channels, despite these targeting options, it is a big purchase that most people only make every 3 – 5 years. On top of this, the buying cycle can be quite long, especially if one needs to sell their current car first. Unless you have budget to invest in an awareness campaign to make sure you are front of mind (large dealerships and brands themselves), smaller business stick with good old Google to be sure they can target bottom of the funnel traffic. Essentially, be there when some is in buying/test drive mode.

Recommendation Order

  1. Google Adwords For Search
  2. Facebook
  3. Email List
  4. Content Writing




Travel is a monster…. The industry is vast. You could be an airline, a flight booking service, a hotel, a package holiday business or many other things.

Every travel businesses wants to be there, bright and bold when somebody is in buying mode, and the search volume is HUGE, especially in peak seasons. The problem facing travel companies (including airlines now) is one of consumer trust. With the rise and rise of websites like Trip Advisor, other booking engines and review sites like Trust Pilot and Revoo, consumers are hungry to read reviews and see pictures of the destinations. A few negative reviews kill possible bookings stone dead.

For this reason, travel companies are investing millions in social media marketing, sharing their best content, best pictures, best videos, best reviews, best hotels and then, sit back watching the comments and shares roll in. They drive millions of views to their websites, capturing hundreds of email address and building their custom audiences and other remarketing channels from which, they can continue to build and build their brands reputations. Secret Escapes did this brilliantly.

Recommendation Order

  1. Social Media, especially rich media, like Facebook and Youtube.
  2. Content Marketing & Email List Building
  3. Google Search & Display
  4. Bing


Finance & Legal


This one will surprise most people, but Finance and Legal are killing it through digital channels. Finance and Legal are areas where most people struggle. They often need help urgently, but have little to know understanding of what options are available to them.

Sure, a lot of people in need of a solicitor, will use Google and search for ‘solicitor in Milton Keynes’ for example, but there is often a step before that where smart legal firms steal clients before they reach that stage. Content. In times of stress or need of a legal/financial solution, most will hit up Google and start researching. They’d like an understanding of their situation before they settle on the need for legal help. Legal practitioners and accountants are well educated, articulate people who specialise in verbalising and simplifying complex situations into understandable contexts. Because of this, firms have a HUGE opportunity to reach an audience by writing helpful information, which translates into trust; and with the right ‘calls to action’ win new clients at very little cost (sometimes, simply the time taken to write and post the article).

Once this information is available, try promoting it to a local audience. This can help its organic presence and you’ll find that social sharing can result in clients.

Recommendation Order

  1. Content Marketing & Local SEO
  2. Google AdWords for short term wins
  3. Facebook for content distribution
  4. Email marketing.


Leisure & Wellbeing


Another vast industry, but one that can some summed up quickly. In these industries, content is KING (or QUEEN). Social media is awash with articles, guides, thoughts, opinions, ebooks, new fads etc.

In our humble opinion, write for your audience (and create video if possible), market your ‘free content’, reply to commenters and subscribers and subtly upsell your products and services via remarketing and email offers. You can also enjoy some success by using Google Adwords to capture, bottom of the funnel buyers.

Recommendation Order

  1. Content Creation
  2. Paid Facebook & Instagram to build followers and audiences
  3. Google AdWords & Bing For quick wins
  4. YouTube channels


Medical & Health


Such a massive industry. Everyone needs advice, and despite your local GP and other NHS services (high five to them) still playing a vital role, digital, especially search is the first port of call for anything people may be unsure of.

Similar to the legal and finance industries, people often need urgent advice or want to read up before they make any decision to call the doctor or book consultations for any cosmetic surgery. Practices should take advantage of this tendency and be sure to soften their approach. Do what you do best and give away advice free. Think, not how do I get 100 clients, but how do I help 100 people today. If you concentrate on this and leave the communication doorway open to readers, you WILL get clients.

Focus on a clean, easy to read website with simple ways for readers to ask questions. Back this up with a strong social media presence and focus on driving researchers to your website. Bang, high engagement leads to clients.

Recommendation Order

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Google Search
  3. Facebook to promote your advice.


A Quick Summary


I hope you found this information useful. The above industries are all whales and we understand and appreciate that your situation may be unique and your resources may not stretch to producing endless content streams. That’s why we are here to help businesses work out bespoke solutions to their digital needs.

As with most digital marketing channels, reporting and attribution are key. We try to take our clients on a journey towards full understanding and clarity of results. From there, many advertisers can simply ‘turn on the tap’.

Please be sure to contact us for a free consultation. If you simply have a few questions, that’s fine too. We are happy to talk things through with anybody.

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