Our Thoughts On Facebook’s Organic Brand Reach Demotion

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A lot of opinions have been flying around since Facebook latest bombshell announcement that they would be re prioritising meaningful conversations between friends and family over brand content. There is a lot of confusion, mainly due to speculation within the industry as to what brands will do next and what impact it will have on both organic reach and also the knock on effect on paid traffic. Here was our response to a confused client of ours. We thought people…

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Facebook Ad Hacks – 6 Simple Hacks For SMBs

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  Facebook is a complex beast. A beast that will eat us alive unless is it understood and tamed. SMBs (usually because of restrained budgets) often get left with low level agencies that still live in an Adwords world and haven’t really had the opportunity to embrace the possibilities that exists on Facebook. In this article I want to share some simple Facebook Ad Hacks that will help propel your campaigns and give them the best chance of success.  …

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