6 Reasons To Audit Your Digital Agency In 2016!!


Adwords and other biddable media platforms can be tough to get your head around. 75% of the time, campaigns are burning cash and only making Google richer. Believe me, Google would prefer happy advertisers and lower advertiser drop out rate.

Chances are, you run this yourself but a very sizeable chunk of campaigns are run by agencies (like ours, well almost like ours).

If you truly care about how you spend your advertising budget, you should address some key points. This article will give you some basic elements which you can investigate yourself, or with your agency.

Here goes!

1. Campaign Structure

When you started your business, did you just jump in head first without any thought? Most successful start ups would have had a plan, a goal, a structure.

Your campaign need structure. Without it, you cannot control your budgets, targeting or segmentation properly. Your data will be difficult to interpret and act upon. Most advertiser campaigns lack the proper top-level segmentation, but usually, discussing the structure of your businesses products and services help to visualise an optimised campaign structure.

E.g. – splitting campaigns by services, products, best sellers, and locations.


2. Keyword Selection & Match types

It goes without saying that your keywords matter and there is a reason why Google’s core buzzword is relevancy! Your keywords ultimately determine what your adverts will show for.

However there are many considerations.

A) Broad/Long Tail Keywords – broad keywords can be very effective for urgency purchases or webinar registrations etc, as sheer volume of traffic will often contribute to success, however, without the longer tail keywords or those further down to purchase funnel you can quickly become too generic and spend huge chunks of budget on unrelated search phrases. Be sure to pay very close attention to your search query report to pick off negative keywords to save on wasted clicks.

B) Match types – if you wish to reduce the possible waste in your campaign, you can trial using different match types. These restrict Google’s algorithmic broad matching, which also restricts volume of impressions and clicks. If this in turn increases relevancy and CTR, you’ll likely benefit from a higher quality score which can reduce your CPCs and increase impression share. It’s worthwhile pointing out that you may use all match types at once, although we would recommend split testing.


3. Targeting

This seems like a simple thing, but are you targeting the correct area and are you making use of both the advanced out of area settings and multiple location bid adjustments.

You can and should be using your performance data to highlight profitable areas and bid more aggressively. You in turn should be identifying where you are wasting budget and re-address why and modify where appropriate.


4. Tracking Ability

If you do not have conversion tracking setup, stop everything and make that your priority. Tell your current agency to help get it working.

You should aim to track both form completions and inbound phone calls. If you cannot do this, you have zero idea what’s working, where it’s working and how people convert. Without knowledge like this, you have no direction as to how you can optimise and improve your results.

I have lost count of the times I have seen Adwords conversion tracking literally save £1000’s and better still, increase ROI by 100%. If you need help with this, get in contact.


5. Change History

Ever get the feeling that your campaign isn’t being looked at or changed at all. Do you pay for an allocated amount of time?

Google Adwords has a feature called the Change History Report! This allows you to see a record of what has been changed over a period of time. Be advised, that records cannot be deleted. Thus, you are able to see what changes you have made and revert them. You can also see what your agency have been up to. If you do not have access to your campaign, you can request a download of the change history in a csv format.


6. Reporting

Do you download or get reports from your agency? When I say reports, I mean proper details, not just top-level metrics and top 10 keywords. Just about everything you could want is available through Adwords directly.

Too many people do not request or dig deep enough into their stats, because they feel that they are paying somebody else to do that. I’m sure that many of you employ other members of staff, but do not leave them to do as much or little as they want. The potential is there to save £1000s, make £1000s, understand your customers pain points, desires and dislikes, plus understand location based data, and device spread. This is crucial to business growth and can be taken into other mediums such as social, email, print, radio or TV. Understanding what people search for is priceless. Can you afford to not know these things?

In Summary

In summary, 2016 should be the year that you take your campaigns by the scruff of the neck and really dig deeper into what you are achieving, what you can do better and where you can make savings! We won’t put any agency down and I am sure they are doing well, but can you afford to not know what your are spending your budgets on!

Our suggestion, is to ask these questions either of yourself, or your agency representative.

NEED HELP? – Our agency, Hotwire Media, have a service that systematically reviews your campaigns and scores each section of your account. This gives you clear and transparent data relating to current performance and areas where huge gains can be made. If you wish to find out more, you can request a Hotwire Audit and jump start your campaign.

Good luck all.

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