We asked one of our WordPress gurus for his top 5 tips for simple conversion rate improvements and here’s what he came back with. If you run a WordPress website for your business, you probably run some kind of traffic to it via SEO, Social or Search Marketing. In our experience, the single biggest influencer of conversion rate is quality of traffic followed by web page quality. Master these 2 and you will see success.

Let’s get into it


Use Mobile Plugins

Use A Call Now Button throughout – Don’t sit back and wait for people to find your contact us page. YOU ARE LOSING OPPORTUNITIES.

Tool To Use: Try this for a 30 second install – https://en-gb.wordpress.org/plugins/call-now-button

Site Speed

Use a caching plugin for increased page load speed. If you have an image heavy page and basic hosting, chances are you site is slow. You can check this by using Google Analytics or an external site speed checker. If you page takes more than 7 seconds to load… prioritise making it faster.

Tool To Use: Why not try Google site speed checker for some great insights – https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights


Better Headlines

In marketing we have a term called ‘Calls To Action’ (CTA). This means instructing or informing your reader of the action you wish them to take. For example, rather than saying

‘Welcome to Bob’s Builders’,


“Get In Touch With Bob’s Builders Today”.

CTAs make a big difference, so if you have a decent amount of traffic, we’d recommend making regular changes to gauge response. It could take 10 sales to 20 sales. Thats a 100% increase in revenue.

Tool To Use: By far easier tool we’ve used in Nelio Software. See – https://neliosoftware.com (No Affiliate link)




Give people access to contact information on every page. If relevant, each page should contain a contact form, phone number and or email address. Readers take the time to navigate your site to find the right information. Don’t force them to leave that page to contact you. Make communication as easy as possible.

Here’s what we use for our forms – https://vfbpro.com/ (No Affiliate link)




Consider reducing the amount of boring irrelevant information you ‘think’ people read. When somebody searches for your service and finds your site, they want 3 things.

A) Do you provide what I want?
B) If relevant, do you service my town?
C) What are your prices and/or benefits.

After they establish these things, they will decide whether to contact you or not. This is where point 4 is essential.

If you provide a product or service, and your content is not helping to sell your product, consider removing it, or use a tabbing plugin to help keep unnecessary content hidden until requested by the reader.



If you need help with anything WordPress related, please get in touch and we’ll see how we can help. If you feel that your website is not geared up for conversions, please take a look at our Web/CRO page. We provide advertisers with fast, high converting landing pages for their PPC and social campaigns.

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