We Drive Leads & Customers Through Social & Search Marketing

We help businesses design and implement marketing systems that allow them to turn on the revenue tap.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

Dan Pratt

Founding Member - Services

Mercedes Benz, Inchscape, Music Crowns, House Network, LAT, GUS, Fleet Tutors, 24Fitness,

Ben Collins

Founding Member - Operations

Affiliate Window, House Network, Anglian, CIMA Global, 4R Business Recovery, Tax Assist,

Ben founded Hotwire Media with 7 years experience in performance based digital marketing, specifically within biddable media and landing page design.

He is fluent in Facebook ads, Google Adwords and WordPress design and brings a creative out of the box approach with his own marketing style. His love of technology and saas products have been instrumental in blending industry tools and in house development to build Hotwire's unique product.

Please connect with him now on LinkedIn and get in touch with any questions.

John Ogah

Founding Member | Sales

The Skills Network, Affiliate Window, House Network, Anglian, LAT, GUS, Goldsmith Williams

Richard Ellis

Head Of Digital

Mercedes, House Network, Inchscape, Fleet Tutors, Renault Retail Group, Medichecks

Let’s Be Very Clear About What We Do

We are a paid search and social agency and we take clients on an important journey towards advertising freedom and clarity on results and ROI. From there, businesses can turn on the tap!

Too many businesses go from month to month, without any real direction or understanding of where and how to be spending their marketing for the best impact. They spend money for the sake of it; and often waste it.

Our Biggest Frustration

We don’t expect businesses themselves to understand all the moving parts essential to a marketing strategy, but we see other agencies not using the basic tools required to provide clarity on performance; and because of this, provide zero direction and little value for their fees. It actually takes very little time to get these systems up and running, but the rewards can be substantial.

Our Perfect Client

Sounds strange, but all businesses have ‘the perfect client’. Our perfect client is one that wants to be amazed, engaged and forward thinking. They will be open minded to new ideas and changes for both their existing marketing and the business procedures in general. They will be hungry for data insights into what will drive their business forward and will be clinical enough to take action based on those insights.

Who Has Turned On The Tap