Search marketing is the cornerstone of any inbound strategy. While social marketing is growing; search is NOT declining and Google is still the major force in digital marketing. Our job is to build, manage and improve cut throat search campaigns that combine data based decisions with a creative spin that puts our clients light years ahead

Here’s What We Do Very Well

 PPC For Search

Intent based marketing in its rawest form. Choose your keywords carefully or use some remarketing for search to build a funnel to right in front of ‘buyers’ at the moment they decide to purchase – Get Started

  PPC For Display

Intent, has to start somewhere. Create awareness and interest by showing your adverts to people across Google’s vast network so you are first in mind when they are ready to research and buy – Get Started


Sometimes life gets in the way. Maybe some doubt crept in, maybe finances are stretched or just maybe the door rang or the baby cried. Remarketing can bring buyers back. Never give up on your traffic! – Get Started

  PPC For Shopping

If you run an ecommerce business and are interested in Adwords for shopping, please get in touch. Promoting your products on Google is far easier than you might think. We can help get you started.  – Get Started

  PPC For Mobile

Some products and services just plain work better on mobile. Whether you run a taxi company or want to promote a new iphone app, please get in touch. Google just made this possible again. – Get Started

  PPC For Video

If a picture’s worth 1000 words, a video cannot be measured. Some products and services are best promoted via video. Let us help you take advantage of youtube’s huge global reach and get started today. – Get Started

Here’s Where It Gets Interesting!

We are a technology company. We invest heavily in products that give our teams and our advertisers the tools they need to do their jobs properly.

For Our Clients – We provide an industry leading reporting suite complete with an online portal, including access to all elements of the campaign setup, keyword level call reporting and recording, and weekly PDF reports analysing PPC performance and Analytics insight. You can read more about this on our Hotwire Media technology page.

For Our Teams – We provide a enterprise level diagnostic tool, pulling the complete data set from Adwords, and producing reports and granular insight into every element of a campaign in under 1 minute. Due to it’s time consuming nature, this level of detail is USUALLY reserved for large PPC campaigns and enterprise companies spending hundreds of thousands on Adwords. We spent months developing our tool so we can provide this level of detail to ANY ADVERTISER spending ANY AMOUNT!

Clients & Case Studies

The Skills Network

The Skills Network

Case Study: Brighter Smile Dental 27% Increase

Case Study: Brighter Smile Dental 27% Increase

Steel Stairs & Gates & Hotwire Media

Steel Stairs & Gates & Hotwire Media

4R Business Recovery & Hotwire Media

4R Business Recovery & Hotwire Media

Stamp Duty Advice & Hotwire Media

Stamp Duty Advice & Hotwire Media

Redkite Minibuses & Hotwire Media

Redkite Minibuses & Hotwire Media

Redkite Minibuses are a nationally recognised company in the field of minibus sales, specialising in minibuses for schools and mobility solutions.

CIMA Global & Hotwire Media

CIMA Global & Hotwire Media

We Work With Businesses Across The UK

What Hotwire Media were able to achieve within the first two months of working together is quite simply exceptional.

After taking the time to really understand our business goals and challenges, they created a detailed marketing strategy that was in line with those objectives.
Within 2 weeks they were able to reduce our customer acquisition cost by almost 60%, whilst increasing the number of quality enquiries.

James Earl, Director - The Skills NetworkAcquisition cost cut by almost 60%

"Hotwire Media have greatly contributed to the continued success of Red Kite this year with some fresh marketing campaign ideas; they have also helped to reduce the cost of our campaigns whilst bringing a much improved level of service. I can honestly say that the people at Hotwire are polite, straight talking and trustworthy, I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any prospective future client"

John Maskell, Managing DirectorFresh marketing ideas

Ask yourself this – “When did I last really feel excited about my business?”

Industries We Know Well

 Education & Tutoring

Howire Media have some of their biggest clients in the education and tutoring sector. The huge demand for popular courses and career developmen make it perfect for both search and social. – Get Started

 Automotive & Hire

Probably one of the biggest industries globally. Our consultants have worked with some of biggest names in automotive sales and leasing as well as local strategies for repairs and tyres. – Get Started

 Travel & Hospitality

Our consultants have endless insights into the seasonality and best practice trends for the travel and hospitality industry. Flights/Hotels/Package holidays. We have it covered. – Get Started

 Finance & Accounting

Demand for financial services never dies, and nor does the competition. We have experience with national brands as well as local accounting firms looking for local clients, – Get Started

 Legal & Claims Management

High CPCs in these industries call for minimum wastage in campaigns and high converting pages. Our consultants have worked with a ton of big name firms and CMCs to perfect this art. – Get Started

 Construction & Tradecraft

In an industry JAM PACKED with and reliant on lead generation companies, we want to show you how to negate the loss of quality and margin by starting your own stable stream of quality leads – Get Started

 Retail & Shopping

The rise of feed based advertising chanels such as Google Shopping and Facebook Dynamic Product Ads have paved the way for retailers to bring their inventory to the masses online – Get Started

 Leisure & Wellbeing

Understanding the methods of reaching these customers requires an understanding of what best engages them emotionally. We have success in both local and multiple location campaigns. – Get Started

 Medical & Comestic Surgery

The consultants at Hotwire Media have buckets of experience in the medical and comestic surgery industry with insights into the best practices of the world famous Harley Street Clinics.  – Get Started

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