The Client Challenge

4R have a solid business model and highly skilled staff to assist businesses struggling with debt and cash flow problems. The issue was that their high spend in PPC (due to very high click costs and tough competition) was not returning the volume of enquiries to justify it. They needed ideas outside the box and solid tracking to measure results.

The Objective

  • Drive more lead volume
  • Bring down the cost of the enquiry
  • Improve conversion rate of campaigns

Hotwire Activity

  • Build service focussed landing pages
  • Build display campaigns to generate interest and brand awareness
  • Restructure PPC campaigns to identify intent
  • Create messages and calls to action to provoke high response rates


  • Designed and build a series of landing pages (undisclosed at advertisers request)
  • Generated 4.9 million impressions and 15,000 visits across all pages
  • Generated over 300 web conversions and hundreds of inbound calls